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Trying to regain control of your life?

  Technology has made the world faster, connections wider and life more demanding. We may find ourselves living busy, superficially and disconnected. The demands of this fast paced reality can be harsh on our body and mind, as the  artificial rhythm that Humanity has created for itself is not in sync with our natural cycles and Nature itself.


The more we neglect these natural rhythms, the more we are neglecting ourselves. The further we get away from our natural beat, the more we push health and wellbeing away.

  The LIVING YOGA & AYURVEDA RETREAT will bring you the experience of living an Ayurvedic lifestyle. We will tap into the practice of dinacharya, yoga practices, ayurvedic cooking, fire rituals, getting in touch with nature...  

What you'll get:

- Being initiated into Isha Hatha Yoga and learning powerful core practices

- Better understanding of Ayurveda theory and principles

- Living Ayurveda daily routine by learning and practicing them

- Preparing food according to Ayurvedic principles

- Being part of interactive sessions of sharings and Q&A

- Experiencing vedic rituals