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Ayurveda is a system of healing that originated in India more than 5,000 years ago.

The word Ayurveda is usually translated as the Knowledge of Life.

The word Life, in a practical sense, can be understood as our daily living. It is the way we act within ourselves and the way we interact with everything that is outside of ourselves. Therefore, Ayurveda has a holistic perspective according to which we are not separate, rather we are part of a bigger interplay of elements.

Ayurveda pays utmost attention to individuality and that is the secret to its approach and success. Although we share the same physiology, the way we interact with our environment manifests differently in each one of us. The food we eat, our daily routines, sleeping habits, seasonal patterns come into play when defining our experience of physical, mental and spiritual balance.

Ayurveda is the art of living your own individuality while respecting life around you.

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